Nutritional Recommendation

We recognize the importance of treating the body from within. This includes both a healthy balanced diet and nutritional supplementation. As chiropractors, an integral part of our training is biochemistry and nutrition. We utilize nutritional therapy based on clinical research. 

Did you know?

- Neurological conditions may be related to vitamin B and/or essential fatty acid deficiency. 
- Chronic muscle tension can be due to mineral imbalance, most commonly deficient magnesium levels. 
- Joint problems may benefit from glucosamine sulfate supplementation.

Recovery from a chronic problem is difficult or impossible, if the body doesn't have all of its building blocks available. Preferably dietary intake should ensure this; however, when there is an increased need or a deficiency is apparent, nutritional intervention is imperative. We feel the body cannot be taken care of in parts, but must be treated as a whole, integrated individual.